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About Us

Hawgleg Publishing is a company founded by Michael T. Murphy, Michael S. Mitchell and Paul R. Mauer.  To complicate matters, both of the first fellas answer to the handle "Mike."  The short version of the story is that we're gaming buddies who decided to quit jawin' about how there ain't no good Western game rules out there and publish our own stuff (that's a bald-faced lie, by the way; we love lotsa other games, but none of them are exactly what we want). 

That's why we've hung out our shingle and started this here game company: Hawgleg Publishing.

In 2005 Hawgleg Publishing released their first Wild West miniatures game, Gutshot. It's a very good game, and that ain't just whistling Dixie. Gutshot won the 2006 Origins Award for "Historical Miniatures Game of the Year" (don't take our word for it, pilgrim, check it out over at Wikipedia). Gutshot has been very good to us and it will remain our flagship product.

But, a few years back we met up with a fella by the name of Kevin G. Nunn. Kevin is a Houston-based game designer, and a good one at that -- he's been nominated for an Origins Award himself (for the card game, Nobody But us Chickens and duck, duck Go!) and his name is on an ever-increasing number of games that are being released by a whole slew of publishers.

It seems that Kevin is also a fan of the Wild West and he had created a very interesting game using a poker mechanic to resolve combat and character interaction. As time passed, it became very obvious that Draw! would be a perfect fit at Hawgleg.

So here we are, folks. Draw! will be the first licensed game developed and published by Hawgleg Publishing. The original game mechanics and text are by Kevin. Additional material will be by Mike Mitchell, Paul Mauer and the Hawgleg Posse (friends and folks who help us with all aspects of playtesting and proofing). If all goes according to plan, the final game will be released in early 2010, arriving as a printed, soft cover book.



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