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Visit the main Hawgleg Website for more info about Gutshot, and to participate in our forums (yup, we've set up an area to discuss Draw!).

Houston's longest running game convention, and the "home convention" for Hawgleg Publishing. This is one of the best-run conventions out there, and it's always a pleasure to attend.

So you're into all things Western? Then this site has what you're lookin' fer, pardner. It's got everything: Reproductions of Old West playing cards, CDs of authentic saloon music.

Looking for news about miniatures and gaming? Or maybe you'd like to chat with other gamers from all over the world? Then look no farther than The Miniatures Page, THE largest online community of wargamers online. Both Mitchell and Murphy hang out there often, so mosey on by The Old West boards and say "Howdy!" Just be sure to smile when you say it!



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